Nucleair Humanoid Illustration

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  • fuckyoupasswordlord

    15 hours ago

    Another art piece ruining this sub.

  • Jaywah

    15 hours ago

    Reminds me of the cyborgs from Star Chaser: The Legend of Orin.

  • cyberdecks-and-neon

    14 hours ago

    reminds me of the robot concentration camps.

    i knew a young droid barely 7, built for buying and selling, a thing to strengthen consumerism. He used to walk around on a broken wheel asking me to play with him. he once told me he was going to turn 8 (outdated but artificial machines are still programmed to be happy about it) i told him he wasn't. the next day i watched him be crushed literally and figuratively.

    I said sorry and told him it wasn't painful ... I lied. whoever the hell had the idea to give a store robot the feeling of pain was probably crushed alive during the first takeover. I melted him together with the others the ones he thought of as family and the red lights in his eyes died down.

  • sintheticreality2

    14 hours ago

    This isn't creepy. This is pretty cool.

  • TheGrimCanadian

    15 hours ago

    I see nothing creepy about this.

  • JNKill

    20 hours ago

    Illustration by JNKill