"It's time to come into the light" Aaron Swartz

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  • FeverishlyYellow

    3 days ago

    I agree completely with this sentiment. Why must scientists and professors, universities and alternative education systems charge large sums of money for personal gain? Work years of your life to discover new things for the benefit of all mankind, only to sell out to the money game and stunt society's growth. People dont understand that they are being tricked and deceived into something that doesn't matter.

    Selling out to the bankers. Why give them all of the knowledge when your neighbor or family member is the one that has been good to you your entire life? Your own community? Your teachers?

    Knowledge is power, and we constantly give away that knowledge to these manipulators. They use money magic to get it out of you, flash expensive things in front of your eyes. Gold magic. Diamond magic. Special cloth magic. Once you know what the program is, you can change it.

    I can't make anyone do it, you have to do it for yourself. Knowledge yearns to be free, so let it be. Just be and stop worrying and concerning yourself with actions of others.

    Everyone has a purpose and money is destroying that, forcing most people to do what they are not here to do. It's disrupting the balance of all to serve the 8 families.

    They aren't your family, that's for sure. What are you doing turning your back on your own family? The one that raised you? The one who put food on your table? The one who taught you everything you know?

    Still sleeping, though.

  • rockytimber

    4 days ago

    Biologically, ecologically, information is survival. Make believe is anti-survival.

  • ChumleesCumRag

    4 days ago

    If anything his death should serve as a reminder that they will even kill their own when they step out of line.

  • onewalleee

    3 days ago

    Yeah but I bet he would totally support Reddit's willingness to try and bury the truth if it offends people!

  • LightBringerFlex

    3 days ago

    I'm in.