[OC] Day #5 of the comic streak

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  • wawaboy2

    11 hours ago

    Man, he looked so excited in that first panel.

  • Parthhay000

    11 hours ago

    How are your curves so smooth?? :O

  • CoupoNoodlez

    12 hours ago

    oh banan-no he didn't!...i'll show myself out

  • nuno9

    11 hours ago

    Camouflaging yourself to look like a bananana seems like a terrible survival strategy.

  • turlian

    10 hours ago


  • jj2398

    10 hours ago

    He needed the strength he gets from getting out of the cacoon himself. Now he's going to be a weak bananafly and most likely die prematurely. You're not helping him by opening the peel. Let him struggle.

  • spatterlight

    9 hours ago

    oh man, this made me laugh more than any webcomic has in a good while.

    the banana is so pleased with himself in that last panel. good on ya, boy.

  • thesammanila

    9 hours ago

    if you still want to play core ogre you could build echo sabre on him

  • Froscola

    10 hours ago

    apparently bananas that are yellow on the inside actually exist

  • naztynate068

    9 hours ago

    I'm gunna go find me some butterfly poon

  • incredibleares8

    9 hours ago

    But you do know that if you break the pupa, it never learns to fly? You gotta let it struggle.

  • KnivesForSale

    9 hours ago

    I like this one. Good job.