My tabby kitten named Archer has double lower canines

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  • RudeCats

    1 month ago

    his mouth is extra murder-y

  • hBoBh

    1 month ago

    How old is he?

    While not common, it looks like his baby canines never fell out. Amelia and Agnes both had double uppers. Aggie's fell out in her own, Amelia's had to be extracted b/c it was causing problems.

  • catsrooldogsdrule

    1 month ago

    you mean catnines....

  • stoffel_bristov

    1 month ago

    All the better to bite you with.

  • PePe0145

    1 month ago

    Goddammit, Archer!

  • goldfishwishes

    1 month ago

    both my babies had that till they fell out. pretty common in kittens till they get 6-7 months old. if they remain in there after that you might want to have a vet take them out cause they can cause infection

  • Arkhamina

    1 month ago

    You should work on taking a picture where it's more clear... looks very neat, but hard to see!