Canadian soldier and a Mohawk warrior face off during the 1990 Oka crisis.

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  • flippingwilson

    4 days ago

    Maybe my favourite Canadian news pic.

    My other favourite was from the Globe and Mail. A line of riot police facing young protestors, tear gas in the air. The protestors are mad as hell and not backing off. Right in the midde is a guy wearing a scarf over his face to help him breath. He's holding a hockey stick and he's lining up a wrist shot with the tear gas canister at his feet and preparing to launch it right at the line of cops. The blue line if you will.

    The most Canadian photo ever.

    I used to have a perfect copy of it. No idea what happened to it. I have scoured the internet a few times but, no joy.

  • TheKingPunch

    5 days ago

    I read somewhere this soldier ended up in the "adult film industry" after this image made him famous

  • PwntUpRage

    4 days ago

    My strongest memory of this was when they finally announced that the final group would surrender to the soldiers. Then proceeded to walk through them anyway and forced the soldiers, who had no clue and were burdened by guns, to physically subdue them.

    In one final arrest, a native women who was not being arrested, repeatedly came up behind a Canadian soldier and kicked him as he tried to arrest a warrior. By the 5th or 6th kick he finally turned around and kicked her back.

    Predictably the news recap later left the first part out and only showed the soldier kicking the women. With post interviews of her crying saying she was just asking him what was going on when the soldier attacked....

  • bonsai_bunny

    4 days ago

    Powerful picture. Tense time for Canada. I remember it well. Everyone was following it on the news.

  • iamcorvin

    4 days ago

    This would have been much worse if the soldier had spoken english.

    Luckily he was francophone and the mohawk was anglophone so all the insults that he was spewing were not understood.

    source: a former co-worker when I was in the military was at the scene.

  • bionicbadger

    5 days ago

    Why is the soldier called a soldier and the Mohawk called a "warrior"? Is the soldier not a warrior by definition?

  • platypusranger

    4 days ago

    This was on the front page of the newspaper on the day of my birth.

  • LifeWin

    5 days ago

    Thank you, good soldier.

    The end result was worth your trouble.

  • deleted

    5 days ago


  • TulipsMcPooNuts

    5 days ago

    Here's video of the photo being taken.

    Its actually not that great and pretty damn awkward. I have a feeling it might've been staged even.

  • brumac44

    4 days ago

    Lot of misinformed comments in this thread. People need to do a bit of research before passing judgement on either side. The real villains here were the police, who totally over-reacted, making the natives get their backs up. The Canadian army came in and effectively and peacefully defused the situation, which could have become much worse. The natives had legitimate grievances, but the tactics they used were over the limit in my opinion. I'm proud of how the soldiers kept their cool and treated the other side with respect. They were tasked with keeping the peace and ending the standoff, and they did both. The natives insulted and spit on the soldiers, which was not the way to resolve the situation, no matter that they were in the right.

  • Thanato26

    4 days ago

    Wasn't he an Ojibway?

  • queeraspie

    4 days ago

    This video of a lecture given at the University of Western Ontario gives an interesting perspective on this photo and what it might tell us about how social movements are covered in the media.

  • Coollikeumee

    4 days ago

    Oh I did a painting of this photo once for a project! Unfortunately, the oak crisis is only loosely taught in school.

  • Matt_MG

    4 days ago

    Dat prohibited AK pattern rifle...

  • Fuckfightfixfords

    4 days ago

    Turns out the CAF guy is a piece of shit. They kicked him out a few years later

  • Casual1990

    5 days ago

    The fact he has his helmet not attached is so triggering.

  • Blacktivism

    4 days ago

    Are all mohawks afraid to even show their faces to their enemies?

    My how the mighty have fallen.

  • roadsiderick

    5 days ago

    I'm proud of that Mohawk warrior. Probably because my grandad was native.

  • WinnipegBusStation

    4 days ago

    These violent, unlawful "protesters" should have been quelled by any and all means available, including force of arms. They should have all served very long prison sentences too.