Never change, Rogers. Never change.

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    I understand outsourcing as a means to reduce costs for corporations, and I'm certainly not one to go out protesting about bringing every single convievable job back into Canada, but damn...

    ...I had to reread a couple of the responses you received back from their support rep. Ignoring the obvious things like random capitalization of words, something just seemed confusing about their responses. I can't really put my finger on it.

    I get that this level of support is likely outsourced, and English is a secondary language for these reps, but I think stronger vetting needs to be done. If you're having issues with your service you're probably already a little irritated, and having to reread responses is just going to add on to the frustration.

  • Highlander_316


    Ok, the first letter is a C. No...still can't figure it out? Ok the last letter is an E. Nothing yet huh? Ok, maybe one more...the second letter is an R. Seriously? Still don't know...alright, alright I'll give you one more and THAT'S IT! The second last letter is a P and there are only 5 letters total. Cripe? No...good try but maybe a different vowel...

    ...CREPE! Good job sir. Ok, now we can go through all of your highly confidential account information...

  • Salt_or_restart


    I honestly can't tell if this is Roger's support or a Nigerian prince.

  • 3redradishes


    He was trying his best to do the needful

  • Buscat


    Maybe "change" was the answer.

  • bubblegum35


    Something I can answer, since I used to work there!

    They have the option to just put in a secret answer with no question because the question options are very limited and some people don't like the questions provided. That's what has happened here. Downside is that this means no prompt in situations like this.

  • Moos_Mumsy


    The last 2 times I contacted Rogers in chat, right at the beginning it gave their name and what city they were in, both in Canada. And both were literate. Did I just get lucky?

  • 403tatts



  • TuckFrudeau


    Very needful this one is

  • wsxcderfvbgtyh


    That's the Nigerian office I think.

  • TNTMan0_0


    At least our isps aren't as bad as the US...

  • Jays17


    Always call Rogers or Bell. Live chat agents are generally dealing with 5-10 people at a time. It's just not worth it...

    I actually have very pleasant experiences when I call Rogers - issue always gets rectified fairly quickly. But I totally get that everyone's experiences are not the same as mine.

  • Caroao


    I just had a 3 weeks "experience" with Bell that finally (hopefully) ended last night. They the devil-incarnate Bell seem like a bunch of happy human people

  • HoldMyWater


    Switch to TekSavvy. I'm saving so much money.

  • reidbead


    Sounds like live chat with a Nigerian prince. Super sketchy.

  • YakaFokon


    Thinking is well above the pay grade of those script monkeys.

  • Beeping-Bob-beeps


    Dealing with Rogers is like being trapped in a CAGE at the bottom of a dark CAVE on an inescapable COVE. I can't COPE with this CLUE to reset my CODE. Don’t they CARE! I would CANE them all if I was not high on COKE; a bunch of CONE heads employees. Wish I had some CAKE.

  • c0nsciousperspective


    Meh. Chat bots are the future, you are only going to see more and more of them as telecoms shift to them to cut costs.