NBD 2017 Raleigh Stuntman

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  • encrypted_genitals

    21 hours ago

    that looks perfect. tough, practical, comfortable. I love it.

  • celocanth13

    21 hours ago

    Do any sick stunts?

  • IronGods

    23 hours ago

    What's that bag on your rack? Also that bike is hecka sick.

  • cyclenaut

    18 hours ago

    stuntman eh?

    I concur. That looks beefy as hell and is that a dropper post?! thats brilliant! certainly looks very capable. Whats the max tire clearance on it?

  • Totallynotatimelord

    15 hours ago

    The bike looks super nice! One question though - I have seen NBD used a lot in this sub but I'm not sure what it means. Mind helping me out?

  • fatalexe

    22 hours ago

    Awesome! As an owner of a 2011 XXIX-G and 2012 Roper I wholeheartedly approve of the Stuntman taking their place in Raleigh's lineup. Enjoy your new ride.

  • ph0rk

    18 hours ago

    This is basically a drop bar mtb/monster cross adv rig. No good reason for a front double for that sort of riding. You really don't need close ratios, either.

    Awesome bike!

  • drosser

    20 hours ago

    Great bike, but the only option being a single-ring crank means I won't even consider it.