My first PC Battlestation!

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  • MyNemIsJeff

    2 days ago

    Looks cozy!


    2 days ago

    Damn bro Idk why but this is my favourite build on the subreddit?

    I'm gonna use the green and black theme on my first build.

    Any chance you could link the case?

    Hahaha sorry not to steal your whole build but it looks great and there isn't any insane rainbow Rgb action going on. I can see myself with that light colour in my room.

  • jallopsmith

    2 days ago

    Maybe I'm the weird one but why do people build watercooldd 1500+ dollars for their first gaming pc? If they end up loving it great but that's a lot of money for something you've probably never extensively used.Nice computer though.

  • ScoobySmith


    What mouse mat is that? I've been considering getting one.