Just saw IT (2017) and throughout the entire film, all I could think about was how Sophia Lillis would make a perfect Carrie Kelly

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  • Iokuas


    I've seen people suggesting Barbara Gordon over Carrie Kelly. She does resemble Carrie more than Barb with the short hair, and with Batman in his early 40s the kid was about 20 years too young to be playing Batgirl, but she definitely looks the part with longer hair and has the acting chops. She could play either character with ease.

  • Icerom3


    I thought that too! She looks just like her after she cuts her hair

  • dflores666



  • outerheavenboss


    Hoky shit, you're right.But if they ever do a live action full on adaptation of TDKR my choice for Batman would be Patrick Warburton.

  • JangoF76


    Who's Carrie Kelly?