My new kitten wakes up, does this for about 20 minutes, then falls back asleep

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  • Bromageddon

    16 hours ago

    Bonus pics of Taco sleeping.

  • esbay

    16 hours ago


  • skylarquinn

    14 hours ago


  • DorkJedi

    15 hours ago

    time to put a tiny bell on that tail.

  • cornbeefandcabbage

    15 hours ago

    I do this on my couch without the moving in a circle part.

  • Silver1c3

    15 hours ago

    is.. is it broken? its cuteness def makes up for it

  • maruffin

    15 hours ago

    Just doing that kitten thing.

  • ToothMan16

    13 hours ago

    I believe your strange pupper is on the spectrum