But I'm a good boy

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  • kzielinski

    3 days ago

    I don't think "dog license" means what you think it means.

  • oneLegBjj

    3 days ago

    Fake news, police don't police police

  • Iwannabeaviking

    3 days ago

    Why don't the police have a official police doggos Facebook page?

    That's all I want. Important police news delivered through memes and dog pictures.

  • calamariring

    3 days ago

    dog on the grog

  • BigearsMcfuckwit

    3 days ago

    How long has it been since they phased out the blow-type breathalyser? Never seen one.

  • Proxima-

    3 days ago

    Interesting, normally you see dogs rounding up pigs, not the other way.

    Its a joke, no hate

  • Snaykei

    2 days ago

    Should've just screencapped the whole post.

  • TheSciences

    2 days ago

    "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

  • Supercar90

    3 days ago


    G0.0D D0G

  • notanotherluke

    3 days ago

    Is this from the plethora of "fellow kids" memes that the NSW police force posts?