States that ban Atheists from holding public office.

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  • DoctorPrower

    5 months ago

    Just the mere fact that there are states that would ban atheists from office, regardless of If they follow through on it, goes to show what a disturbingly strong effect religion had on the U.S.

  • compactdigital1

    5 months ago

    There can't be liberty and justice for all if it's one nation under god.

  • Anurse1701

    5 months ago

    Federal law supercedes state law, which means atheists can hold office anywhere in the US. This is not a problem.

  • DunBeSorry

    5 months ago

    For the red states, do they ban only atheists or anyone that is not a Christian? Like what if you believe in the gods of the Greek mythology?

  • mephistopheleez

    5 months ago

    I'm surprised to see Maryland and Pennsylvania mixed in there.

  • Rumtin

    5 months ago

    These laws would never be upheld in a court of law as they are unconstitutional.

  • mfb-

    5 months ago

    • That ban cannot be enforced anywhere because federal law supersedes it.
    • The legend for the green states does not have a suitable phrasing for an infographic.
  • OldWolf2642

    5 months ago

    This again....

    I'm off to pee in a policemans helmet.

  • Karnivoris

    5 months ago

    It's in the original state constitutions, which has numerous dubious stipulations, and no one actually cares about any of them.

  • JarekBloodDragon

    5 months ago

    lol, athiests frowned upon in Oregon, Washington, and California? You kidding? It's frowned upon to have religious officials up here.

  • vigo810

    5 months ago

    None of these laws mean anything. They are unenforceable.

    You can feel free to be angry that States ever did this.... that they haven't removed the wording from their old laws...

    But stop pretending there is any ban.

  • dictionaryqwerty

    5 months ago

    this cheap map looks like it was made by a 14 year old, particularly with the whiny text for the green states, these old laws are unenforceable, might as well whine about the ban on donut holes being sold and barbers being not allowed to eat onions - all laws, look it up. whoever made this map or is 'outraged' by this nonsense is the definition of immature

  • wtfisthat

    5 months ago

    Land of the free, amirite?

  • Thunder_god1987

    5 months ago

    Fixing that title:

    States with unconstitutional laws that ban Atheists from holding public office.

  • panonarian

    5 months ago

    Everyone wants to be oppressed.

  • someguydave

    5 months ago


  • icebrotha

    5 months ago

    These are old laws though guys, come on now.

  • lostmissive

    5 months ago

    Is it just me or does the fact that the map is a rough outline of states as opposed to an actual map bother you? It makes Texas look bent among other weird things.

  • BuccaneerRex

    5 months ago

    Google Torcaso v Watkins.

  • Dirtydeedsinc

    5 months ago

    *Illegally and unconstitutionally.

  • ShaveIceBaby

    5 months ago

    I call total bullshit on the "frowned upon"

    I'm all for facts but let's keep the fake extra bullshit to a minimum

  • effthatNonsense

    5 months ago

    You can't represent retards who believe in magic if you don't believe in magic too.

  • KingKongBrandy

    5 months ago

    There's no state that bans an atheist from holding public office as that would be unconstitutional. Even if there is a law about that, it would be null and void

  • Dragonis07

    5 months ago

    Wtf? Is this legit? If it is then what's wrong with America?

  • CassandraRaine

    5 months ago

    It should be the opposite.

    Religious people can not be trusted to act in the best interests of the state because they hold their religion and god as more important than the state.

    This treason is very clear in many policy decisions.

  • nobodybutsomeone

    5 months ago

    I live in Tennessee. As an atheist this deeply saddens me.

  • PsychoticSoul

    5 months ago

    Texas and SC are not surprising..... but Maryland????

  • Crishroc

    5 months ago

    As a Scandinavian atheist this is pretty much unbelievable to me. Is there actually a law that says you have to believe in a god to hold office? Just can't believe it.

    Edit: u/charonn0 provided some context which I hope are just fucking bullshit, but then again I wouldn't be surprised.

  • orange_draaank

    5 months ago

    Ah, yes, good old pennsyltucky. I hate the people here so much :')

  • AnArzonist

    5 months ago

    States where atheists holding public office are merely frowned upon.

    Whelp, there goes your credibility...

    Edit: Because the mods locked the thread I'll have to respond in edits, sorry.

    /u/oboist73, I can't name ten politicians period – atheist or otherwise. It might surprise folks, but the vast majority don't maintain a knowledge or interest in things they can't control. I have no influence on politicians, so I don't bother with them. One could make this an argument about whether or not anyone has any influence over politicians, but unless you have a lot of money I think most people recognize anything argument other than no, you don't is subject to certain unpleasant realities.

  • marisam7

    5 months ago

    This is literally the third time in less than a week that I have been cleaning up my desktop by deleting saved images but wanted to keep a record of the image so I upload it to reddit only for it to somehow make it to /r/all and then for people to start sending me angry PMs.

  • Labinto

    5 months ago

    Why is this post a thing? All they would need to do is lie. Just like every other politician on the face of the earth.

  • DigitaLegend

    5 months ago

    Stop whining, you pussies.

  • coolplate

    5 months ago

    Also doubles as a map of the most backwards- ass states

  • StockmanBaxter

    5 months ago

    Whole us where it basically is impossible to win even if it is legal.

  • bogidyboy

    5 months ago

    This is not a very high quality post, I gotta say

  • emmanueldjibouti

    5 months ago

    I'm so bored of retard USA

  • H0b5t3r

    5 months ago

    TIL if you call all religious people idiots you are less likely to be elected to public office.

  • FooxFoot

    5 months ago

    Is this a case where old laws look really bad but they're not really enforcing or is this actively keeping people out of office?

  • sleepingonstones

    5 months ago

    Low-poly states

  • sidneyl

    5 months ago

    How is this legal? How is not 100% Unconstitutionnal?

    Like, if a business does that it's okay, in America's rulebook, but not the state, right? As a european I truly can't even fathom this bullshit. I'm mostly checking that this is true. It's fucking incredible.

    "Seperation between church and state". Lmao

  • haXona

    5 months ago

    Land of the free, wooooo! If you are religious of course, duh what did you think!?

  • vader557

    5 months ago

    The North Carolina constitution states that atheists can't hold office.Article 6 Section 8: "The following persons shall be disqualified for office:First, any person who shall deny the being of Almighty God."

  • Chick-inn

    5 months ago

    As a religious person:

    What the fuck is this bullshit?

    We don't have to put up with this in Canada, religion is seperated from the government and honestly it annoys me so much this hasn't happened in america.

    Side note: You know how conservatives in america are constantly associated with Christianity? Well conservatives in Canada are completely seperate from all kinds of religion. They're not necessarily atheists; they just seperate religion from politics.

    The US is fucked up, man

  • secular_logic

    5 months ago

    Aron Ra, an atheist activist, is running for office in Texas come 2018. There's no way he'll win but I'd be interested to see what his opponents would say if he got close.

  • thenilboghammer

    5 months ago

    I'm an atheist holding public office in Texas. But I can't tell anyone because it would have severe consequences on my business. It's a small town and I'm on the city council. I didn't realize I was breaking a law. Lol

  • wesleyaaron

    5 months ago

    It's unenforceable. Just outdated laws. There are many strange laws on the books in certain states that are never enforced. Yeah it's dumb, but you can in fact still be elected to public office in these states and be an atheist. Also, there's no way to "know" someone is an atheist anyway.

  • GateauBaker

    5 months ago

    The green area has a very low standard of what constitutes "frowning."

  • 360_face_palm

    5 months ago

    Surely this is illegal in the US?

  • melodiousmeow

    5 months ago

    This is stupid. Not believing in a god should not impact someone running for office.

  • igetreallybored

    5 months ago

    TIL. Thank you for sharing i had no idea these states did that.

  • Benanov

    5 months ago



    The constitution says that people with "belief in God" have an additional protection or two against removal from office, not that without it one can't serve.

  • setxfisher

    5 months ago

    Is this True? how am I just now hearing about this..

  • deleted

    5 months ago


  • Ecco135

    5 months ago

    God Bless my South Carolina