A "subtle" jab at evolution I found at a miniature village.

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  • thesunmustdie


    I thought those "tornado in a junkyard" arguments died off a decade ago. How embarrassing.

  • itshonestwork


    America or Middle-East?

  • Nebulousweb

    21 hours ago

    "It's life, but not as we know it, Jim. It seems to be silicon-based."

  • Pepperman94


    That's not how it works that's not how any of this works.

  • plainoldname


    Willful Ignorance.

  • Stompp

    23 hours ago

    I don't know what's funnier, "Chuck Darwin" or the concept of an evolving house :)

    I wish that more of these people simply subscribed to the "god caused the big bang" idea, and that the laws of the universe are clearly "god's laws". I can't prove you right or wrong, and that's a-okay with me, if you're accepting the science! Why you're okay with it is really not my concern, willful ignorance is just sad.

  • dirtyrango


    Subtlety is their strong point.

  • Ihaveanotheridentity



  • Space0d1n


    Miniature village? Like, a diorama?

    Clearly someone did the Emperor's Work this day. '_'7

  • Phyllis_Tine

    19 hours ago

    Established 666 million years ago.

    I didn't know that!