Happy Fresh Face Friday! I used to be one of those girls who couldn't leave the house without makeup. That's changed over the years. Embrace your natural beauty and challenge yourself to go makeup free today!

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  • mergle_

    3 days ago

    About 3 years ago I went into work without makeup on without thinking much about it and was mortified by the amount of people who were telling me how horrible, tired and ill I looked. So I thought fuck it, this is my face. And I've not worn makeup since. After a while people get used to seeing you without makeup, and now my girlfriends are constantly telling me how jealous they are that I can "get away" with not wearing makeup. I tell them all the same thing, how often do you see a girl without make up on and think 'ewh, they're not wearing make up?'. You are always harder on yourself than anyone else will be. And I get to rub my eyes whenever I like. It's the best.

    Also, OP you are gorgeous!

  • picturesofrue

    4 days ago

    Easy for someone with eyebrows to say.

  • EmeraldLight

    4 days ago

    Helps that's you're naturally beautiful <3

    I'm too lazy for makeup XD

  • VBot_

    4 days ago

    I challenge myself to go with makeup actually. Seeing it as an important creative outlet and art has changed how I feel about it. I worry I'll be judged as vain or girly or mainstream or any of the things I shamed myself out of in my tomboy youth. Idgaf anymore, I love them cateyes, painting them reminds me of sumi e ink painting.

  • theGirlfromthatThing

    3 days ago

    Easy when you don't have acne. :(

  • just_offem

    3 days ago



    -THE END

  • commoncoitusy

    3 days ago

    Can we have a challenge where someone's personal preference isn't like... better than any one else?

    I don't wear makeup often. But I love wearing it when I have the desire. I know women who love to sit and play with their face every day and I love them for it.

    Congrats OP for getting over your personal struggle.

    For other women, though, wearing make up might not reflect some personal insecurity.


  • readitradishreddit

    3 days ago

    Makeup or not. Doesnt matter. If you want to wear it, wear it. If you dont want to, dont. No one should impose any standards on anyone. In a sense, wearing no make up is the best way to detect douche bags.

  • btafd1

    3 days ago

    embrace your natural beauty

    Right after a top* rated post saying "I hate it when people say everyone's beautiful"

  • nneverfforever

    3 days ago

    my two cents: i think it's problematic to imply that women who choose to wear makeup don't believe themselves to be naturally beautiful, or are too insecure with the way they look to not put on makeup.

  • HastilyChosenUserID

    3 days ago

    You know what's great looking on everybody? Confidence.

    Good job OP! And to those who wear makeup confidently, good for you too.

  • RockinSocksII

    3 days ago

    Or I can continue doing what I want to do...

  • somethingsjstntrght

    3 days ago

    After developing rosacea at 35, no thanks.

    Sometimes a girl feels more comfortable with some face-cake on!

  • watchy_watchman

    3 days ago

    or you know

    do what you prefer

  • Blue_or_blu

    3 days ago

    All power to you but it's honestly a personal preference. I can't leave my house without makeup because makeup is honestly a confidence booster for me. I don't see it as a chore; I just see it as something as necessary as showering.

    Without makeup I look pretty ugly, I'm not fishing for compliments, I'm just being honest. And like someone else mentioned in this thread, people do treat you differently based on looks.

    That being said, I don't do it just to impress anyone in particular; I do it for myself because looking good makes me feel good.

    In conclusion, encouraging women to go for "natural beauty" alienates people like me who see makeup as a way to feel beautiful.

  • Phanners

    3 days ago

    I mean...yeah if I were also blessed with perfect skin and naturally defined eyebrows I probably wouldn't wear makeup either. Unfortunately we're not all so lucky.

  • Myownsolution

    3 days ago

    Hate when people say this. You're gorgeous so you probably never needed it in the first place.I actually look AWFUL make up free. I am pale washed out freckled With an uneven complexion and to top it off I have blonde eyelashes. If I even tone down my make up to try to simply LOOK make up free I get asked if I'm sick or feeling unwell. I will never challenge myself in this way. It's sucks but people genuinely treat you like garbage if you're unattractive , I can be both really attractive and REALLY unattractive. So I've experienced the way both are treated. It's a real confidence killer.

  • Harpertonik

    3 days ago

    I don't think I can agree with this... I feel like when a naturally stunning woman posts something like this, it might make people who use make up as a confidence boost feel like something is wrong with them for not looking gorgeous without it. You do looks absolutely fantastic though.

  • Half-wrong

    3 days ago

    But what if you're ugly and need make up?

  • KyokoG

    3 days ago

    I think it's great to shake things up if you want to explore how you feel without (or with) makeup. For me, I've loved makeup since I first started wearing it at 12. One of my favorite parts of the day is "putting on my face" and deciding who I get to be that day. It's kind of like choosing earrings or a bracelet for the day: a little chance to signal how I'm feeling and what I want people to see. I would hate to give that up, even for a day.

  • jritkin

    3 days ago

    I wish I had that experience :(

    A while ago I decided I didn't feel like putting on make up (at most foundation), I felt I was pretty enough to not stand out at least. My coworkers actually never said anything about it, however I did notice patients treated me differently. They became MUCH more belligerent, stubborn, and didn't trust me helping them and sometimes even asking for someone's help. I never changed my attitude, was always still very polite and accommodating.

    One day I had a breakdown when a lady I was helping told me I was incompetent, yelling at me in front of a lot of other people, all because I had to tell her that order wasn't ready, and had apologized for the inconvenience. (There was nothing I could do about it since I was out at the registers, not in the back preparing her order.

    No one after her showed any sympathy or compassion for the verbal abuse and bullying.

    From then on I never went to work again without makeup.And patients went back to treating me like a human being.This happened last year, and it still keeps me awake at night.

  • tendaloinz

    3 days ago

    Something that frustrates me about these very well meaning challenges is that... What if you have acne scars? Or other types of blemishes? I honestly don't have it as bad as some, but I feel very insecure about having to wear foundation and concealer just to not feel like a total monster. I wish this fresh faced thing was attainable for me, but it's not.

  • seanmharcailin

    3 days ago

    Trying to explain to my niece about makeup. I put it on for special occasions so she began to assume if she was going to be a Fancy Lady she needed makeup too. I finally decided: makeup is like frosting and we are cake. Cake still is THE BEST whether or not if has fancy frosting or plain frosting or no frosting. Sometimes I want to wear fancy frosting and sometimes I want to wear no frosting.

    That helped let her see makeup as something fun and special, not a requirement. Also, she as 2 1/2 when we had this discussion.


  • obsolete_filmmaker

    3 days ago

    I work in a very male dominated industry. We work hard physically for part of our job.

    I used to never wear makeup to work, because I thought it would help me fit in more. I had even advised the rare other females to not wear so much makeup.

    Then I started wearing make up. (Just a little eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.)

    I dont remember why I made the change. Almost instantly I noticed that when I wore make up, I was treated better by most of my male coworkers.

    They were more polite and respectful. More helpful.

    It's weird, but I make a point of always wearing makeup to work now.

    Edit: changed to male from make

  • Iris_Blue

    3 days ago

    What if you don't have any natural beauty?

  • Agent_Peach

    3 days ago

    Being able to not wear makeup is a privileged that not everyone can afford. I go makeup free some days but get looks, asked if I'm under the weather etc, but I don't get told I'm lazy or unprofessional. I'm aware this is a privileged as a white woman that I have.

    There are a lot of cultural assumptions about presenting yourself in a professional way that impact races differently.

    I don't like that that's the reality but it is.

  • 30yooldladythrowaway

    3 days ago

    It helps if you're not fugly and have horrible acne scarring like me. I wear makeup when I leave the house to spare the public from looking at me, and to spare myself the looks I get from the public

  • anyesuki

    3 days ago

    Or I could go around with however much I want on my face and feel awesome about myself, no matter what.

    Seriously, I don't like it when people imply that 1) Only people who are makeup free can be "natural beauties", and 2) That being makeup free is somehow more "true to yourself" than wearing makeup is.

    I go makeup free a lot, but I also have a ton of really nice makeup. I see my makeup as an art form that I love to use to express myself. Don't impose narrow values on other women, especially when women already have so many other things imposed on them.

  • hipopper

    3 days ago


  • Vanetia

    3 days ago

    I go makeup free every day.

    I don't know how to use that stuff :/

  • ExceptionCollection

    3 days ago

    I've worn makeup twice in 4 years. Wearing makeup was a huge part of my identity when I first transitioned, but as I grew more comfortable I decided it was unnecessary.

  • quackjobb

    3 days ago

    I think since I haven't been wearing makeup daily, my complexion is actually better. I get told I'm just naturally pretty so I can pull it off. But I didn't look this good at first...

  • DianaSynta

    3 days ago

    Same here haha. Even 1 year ago I couldnt imagine leaving my house without makeup. But my boyfriend made me know that I dont need it. At least not because of other people who might think how "ugly" and red my face is. I mean i still love makeup but when i go out (like school) i need like 5-10 Minutes today because im using less than once a few years ago when i needed like 40-50Minutes for it.I just stopped thinking "what could people think about me when they see me like this". They dont think anything. They just dont give a f***. Just stop thinking like that! And maybe try always a little bit less of makeup. Once you will see you feel better if u can go out without putting makeup on for 30 Minutes. :)

  • tacocatmarie

    3 days ago

    You are beautiful! Unfortunately I suffer from acne but I hope to one day to makeupless. I think I'm on the upward swing towards a makeup-free lifestyle. :)

  • mortalkaiban

    3 days ago

    I rarely wear makeup and I'm shocked at the compliments I recieve when I wear it. I hear more compliments when I'm wearing it then when I'm all natural. " Wow finally you look like a girl."

  • Fastpitcher

    3 days ago

    It helps that you're young and pretty.

  • broseph43

    3 days ago

    Why is it a thing for people who like makeup to have to "challenge themselves" to go makeup free? If you want to wear makeup, wear it, don't feel bad because you aren't a "fresh face"

  • DWSBrazille2020

    3 days ago

    I really enjoy makeup, I wish it wasn't stigmitized all the time. As I girl I couldn't wait to grow up and use makeup and be glamorous and now I am and it's not cool anymore. Same with smoking, but that I understand.

  • rufusclark

    3 days ago

    I have always worn very light makeup, but for the last few years, I just couldn't be bothered with it at all. I'm probably going to toss the rest of what I have in the near future.

  • GiliThaKid

    3 days ago

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in your case... Yikeeeerz

  • BakedBride

    3 days ago

    I stopped wearing makeup except on special occasions (holidays anniversary birthday) and I've never felt better. Some days I'll throw on a touch of mascara but never anything else.

    Love being makeup free. So much money saved

  • dovahkinesis

    3 days ago

    It's easy to go makeup free when you're as fucking gorgeous as OP...

  • RX3000

    3 days ago

    Forgive my ignorance, but coming from a middle aged male, I just reeeaaaally dont get the whole makeup/no makeup thing. I mean, its 2017, if a woman doesnt wanna wear makeup why is that even a thing? If you do, do, & if you dont, dont. More power to you either way. :D

  • revengepony

    3 days ago

    This is hard to do without good skin... super unfortunate dichotomy: if you have bad skin, you want to wear makeup. If you stop wearing makeup, your skin improves.

  • LilithIsDead

    3 days ago

    I don't like how passive aggressive this is. Can't we embrace forms of beauty without putting down other forms? The title implies that if you wear makeup you're not happy with your natural features and that ain't right. Shame, op.

  • Ecks-Chan

    3 days ago

    I love your freckles!Personally, I always notice when one of my friends has foregone makeup for the day and comment on how nice they look, because they do!

  • Labtrek

    3 days ago

    My wife doesn't wear makeup and has not the entire time I've known her. We've been married for 24 years. Its one of the things that first attracted me to her. I feel like it shows her self confidence and how she's comfortable in her own skin. She's beautiful just the way she is. You are too!

  • arahe45

    3 days ago

    Can we see you with makeup?

  • 910to610

    3 days ago

    So when your face was different, I assume with acne, or marks that you didn't like, or something, you wouldn't go without make up. Now that your face is acceptable in your eyes, you encourage everyone to do as you have? The strength you possess to go outside with a flawless face. Truly remarkable. May all the people that need it to feel acceptable in society, or just love make up show the "courage" that you have displayed.

    Edit: Was in a bad mood, and misunderstood the message. Yes, people free yourselves from make up if you can. Let that skin breathe the air of freedom!

  • lovebirdsandbondage

    3 days ago

    Man, I wish I could do this. I never wear a ton of makeup but I go from a 6 to an 8 with my brows done, eyeliner, and mascara. Without it, my brows and eyelashes are too light for my face and I look like a spoopy ghost. Nope, can't do it.

  • Baalinooo

    3 days ago

    Do what you want.

  • fallsforever

    3 days ago

    If you have good skin and a clear complexion etc it's not exactly hard to get away with not wearing make up. Showing of "natural beauty" isn't something to aspire to. It's much more important that we get used to the idea that women don't have to be beautiful. For this reason I hate words like "fresh faced" and "natural beauty".