One and a half years later, I'm still glad I spent all the sleepless nights bottle feeding and dealing with upset tummies.

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  • Mikalhvi

    1 weeks ago

    Compassion and nurturing instincts take many forms in our lives. And I'm glad all your hard work wasn't in vain. Your fuzzy child looks quite well-loved and content, I'd say!

  • caresawholeawfullot

    1 weeks ago

    Your kitty is super cute. Does he always wear a shirt?

  • suchsterling

    1 weeks ago

    Well I enjoyed the cat picture, and by your post history - I think it'a very sweet how much you love you cats.

  • SanShouStef

    1 weeks ago

    I am so glad this was a picture of a cat when I opened it instead of a kid!!!

  • talkaboutluck

    1 weeks ago

    How sweet. <3

  • fakemoose

    1 weeks ago

    How is this relevant to TwoX? It's just a picture of a cat.

    There's not even an IFF tag.

  • accentadroite_bitch

    1 weeks ago

    So precious!

  • the_evil_akuuuuu

    1 weeks ago

    What a good kitty!

  • deleted

    1 weeks ago