Dismantle the police!

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  • Bob9999999999999

    19 hours ago

    SJWs: Abolish the police

    Also SJWs: Let's create a police state to punish wrongthink

  • arsrhetorica

    19 hours ago

    Slaves were brought over on boats. Fuck the coast coast guard and all they stand for.

  • DangItsBatman

    19 hours ago

    There are roughly 900 people killed per year by police. That is about .0002% of the population.

    Even if you adjust it for police encounters (BJS has the number at 62.9 million police encounters in 2011, the last year I could find data), police kill only .001 percent of the people they come in contact with.

    Even if you adjust for the number of arrests made (12.2 million, per FBI national arrest statistics), the number is still only .007% killed.

    Even if you adjust for violent crimes (521,000, as per FBI), the number is still only .17%.

    Police kill people at such a low rate that is a negligible statistic. It's a statistic that doesn't matter. That and, (I'll dig up the source if someone asks nicely, but it's been a while, so my number may be off) the vast VAST majority of police killings are justified. Something like 13 killings were found to be "questionable" last year.

    So, let's adjust all of those statistics for "questionable/unjustified" police killings.

    .000004% of the overall population are unjustifiably killed by police every year.

    .00002% of people who interact with police are unjustifiably killed by police every year.

    .0001% of people who are being arrested are unjustifiably killed by police every year.

    .002% of violent criminals are unjustifiably killed by police every year.

    Really puts perspective of Colin's idiotic comment, doesn't it?

  • GnuMag

    19 hours ago

    But the two stars aren't even remotely similar to one another.

  • scuzzlebutt07

    18 hours ago

    Well Colin, who are you going to call when your house gets broken into? Batman? Wonderwoman? The Ghost Busters?

  • SmokeyMcPotthead

    17 hours ago

    Are we all going to ignore the fact that they're obviously different shapes, that isn't what all police badges look like, and that any resemblance is probably because the patrol likely borrowed the design from the same place as modern police.

  • owlprowl

    18 hours ago

    Well, anti-Semitic bullet dodged.

  • Daplokarus

    19 hours ago

    Good thing that there's no system that does that in America.

  • Elementalcase

    15 hours ago

    No he has an excellent point right here!

    If you took away the police - surely the minority can only benefit from the situation! Am I right guys? Am I right?

    Phone rings

    What's that? You say that vulnerable people are being mugged? That scores are being settled with violence? Blueberry pudding pops have ceased production?


  • Jesse0016

    17 hours ago

    Block people commit 50% of violent crime. You can't run from your past Colin.

  • ctrum69

    19 hours ago

    who is he playing for now?

  • soulruler

    15 hours ago

    I used to be a die hard 49ers fan. After the 2014 Season and the heartbreaking loss they had to Seattle I decided that I was investing too much in sports and that even when my team was winning, I had more downs than ups. I decided to completely stop watching sports as a result. Shortly after that Colin started to suck and then started spouting stuff like this. I was so glad I got out so I never felt the need to defend this guy or listen to his critics.

  • pokemon_fetish

    15 hours ago

    Of course he can't count...

  • Gizortnik

    14 hours ago

    Oh jesus. This idiot again?

    This fucking "The police were actually slave patrols!"



    The first modern day American police were formed from the militia. Their jobs were typically to keep the order, prevent Indian attacks, pirate attacks, and watch out for generalized crazy shit. But they're not police, certainly not as anything you would call police by today's standards.

    After that the first American city police department was formed in PHILADELPHIA in 1845. You know, A FUCKING FREE STATE ABOVE THE MASON-DIXON LINE THAT DIDN'T RECOGNIZE SLAVERY AS A LEGITIMATE LEGAL ACT.

    And in case you want to be extra retarded, let's bring up the Fugitive Slave Act. Before the police, you had either the militia, or an angry mob drag someone before a magistrate. Wealthy people didn't like that so they hired posses (for our purposes, we will call them Private Contractors, or PC's). There would have been slave patrols preformed partly by the militia or by PC's in the south. But once they fled north, they would have to be PC's because sending one state's militia into another state could have literally been seen as an act of war between the two states (and this on rare occasions actually caused firefights between state militias and a bit of low kinetic warfare between states on the frontier).

    When the Fugitive Slave Act was passed, it was a huge over-reach of federal power that invalidated all of the free state's rejection of slavery. Worse, it meant that these PC's from southern states could travel north and forcibly recruit or deputize citizens from that state to participate in the capture and recovery of runaway slaves. Police departments in the north, like most people, would have been furious to have PC's from out of state, and forcibly participate in actions that were in direct violation to the state constitution. Many northern states went about passing laws that undercut the Fugitive Slave Act, and some even ignored enforcing it. This is one of the most direct causes to the Civil War.

    So, northern police departments tried not to actually even involve themselves with slavery, and even had state governments try to assist them in ignoring federal law. Not very pro-slavery are they...

    But what about these PC's in the south?

    These are what the "Slave Patrols" are. But what's the difference between them and the police? Simple, they're not police.

    See, in the north, the purpose of the police was to keep order, assist judges and magistrates in capturing and holding criminals, and do very basic 'beat cop' work. They were full time employees and paid as professionals.

    In the south, slave patrols were volunteers who captured runaway slaves and formed as a militia in the event of a slave revolt, and nothing more. They did not maintain jails, they did not work with judges on non-slave issues, they did not maintain order when it wasn't about slavery, and they were not professionals. They basically weren't police at all.

    Now, after the white supremacists victory in taking control of the south after Reconstruction, it shouldn't surprise you that police in the south had white supremacists in it.

    But the connection between slave patrols and modern day policing is pretty fucking distant.

    Let's just try to focus on one basic thing here. As John Oliver put it: memes aren't facts

  • ArcherGod

    13 hours ago

    The badges of these two different occupations are somewhat similar. Therefore, they do the exact same thing!