Nothing like getting a bunch of women to show you their boobs by saying it's for social justice

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  • bryanliu78


    This is either a master pervert or one poor clueless guy

  • ctrum69


    Can't tell if brilliant troll, or clueless white night.

    Either way... i approve... fap fap fap

  • janiceian1983


    That reminds me of that Tumblr cartoon artist who posted a strip saying that nudity isn't sexual and that friends should be able to share dick pics without feeling like it's slutty.

  • IAmRivas


    All you men are so perverted and wrong, so to show you that you're perverted and wrong, let me hold the nips of my exposed boobs. That'll show all you men!

  • Elementalcase


    What if I am a man, but sexually identify as a woman and have a beard, double chin. And one shaved titty and one hairy titty?

    Better not be any transphobia here.

    I got a Tumblr and I'm not afraid to use it!

  • thedapperdoll


    As a woman I am cackling how easy these bimbos just got played and it's brilliant.

  • SoButtscrewed


    I refuse to believe anyone is stupid enough to actually think publishing topless photos touching yourself is taking a stand against "the patriarchy".

  • zeissbickham



    The Holocaust was an atrocity. The war in Darfur is an atrocity. The genocide in Cambodia under Pol Pot was an atrocity. The crackdown in Tienanmen Square was an atrocity.

    Your personal insecurities regarding your own body image in relation to the fashion industry, I'm afraid, does not constitute an "atrocity."

  • mattatinternet


    You know, if they hadn't mentioned "capitalist heteropatriarchy" I could have been on board with this. If the point of this had been to empower women's bodily autonomy, and to say to others that they have no right to dictate the standards that another person's body should be held to, then more power to them. But instead they went crazy.

  • EmpressOfBritain


    I can't believe people are so gullible that they'd send topless photos to some guy claiming to be doing a feminist art project.

  • AvatarWaang


    No industry invented oogling at women.

  • SovietGreen


    for legislation, or anything else you have no say in.

    TIL women don't have the vote.

  • NoxiousSludge


    MFW I'm 95% sure that this is a troll playing a bunch of clueless feminists like a fiddle.

    I mean seriously, this HAS to be someone taking the piss Godfrey Elfwick style, I refuse to believe that someone can be this big of a white knight.

  • lasoxrox


    I've been binging "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and I'm hearing the opening song in my head while reading this.

    "The Gang Gets A Camera"

  • TresChanos


    "send nudes for justice"

  • You-On-A-Gin


    You can have a way better look at the pictures over here, in case you need to do some more research on the importance of this project.
    I saved them to a special folder, just in case. It's about time relevant issues like these are taken seriously.

  • DeadDwarf


    What's the deal with covering the belly button? Is that just ill-fitting pants? I knew a girl who did that, and I always wondered.

  • Ansatsushya


    Clearly your body is not for sale, seeing as we're all looking at it for free.

  • poundfoolishhh


    I started "Not For You" as a simple way to help the women in my life say "fuck you" to the Heteropatriarchal Capitalist Male Gaze. Also, tits.

  • nomonkeysforoldmen


    I never understood why male being attracted to breasts was such a bad thing. If breasts are only for feeding children then male being attracted to them is instinct based on that. Also I am going send him a picture of my hairy chest and also a puppet i have.

  • faceclassic


    Muffin top hell

  • ZenPyx

    23 hours ago

    Jesus Christ 4Chan is good at this. I remember a while ago there was a thread that encouraged "piss for feminism" with some heartfelt dialogue about how pissing yourself would help rape victims, only for 4Chan to come out and say it was all a prank

  • zeldaisaprude

    23 hours ago

    Reminds me of the guy that got a bunch of women in yoga pants to run around his house.

  • redditcdnfanguy

    23 hours ago

    'Not for you'

    Wow, now the whole world is like me in college!

  • Metalman9999

    21 hours ago


  • stealthy_moose

    19 hours ago

    Has the elusive hacker known as 4chan struck again?



    I approve of this message

  • ClarionofRevelations


    Or you could... you know, wear clothing...

  • frozen-silver


    Hey, this is a social justice movement I can get behind

  • skjaldmeyja


    They do realize that it's just a bunch of white women, right? I mean unless Rachel Dolezal is in this group or something.....

  • frankmullins


    To be followed by this clit not for you then this bung hole not for you. So make sure to send those pics in for mass consumption for non mass consumption....

  • StarkweatherRoadTrip


    I like the random dude thrown in there.

  • deleted


    Wouldn't covering womens' breasts with a phallic symbol be a literal definition of the heteropatriarchy?

  • ladditude


    I can fap to this

  • DeltaForcePanda


    Do people want to be apart of something this badly? It's as if you can make a "campaign" where you put a plastic bag over your head to symbolize the "suffocation" of women in society and people will jump on that shit because "oh i'm helping something!" it's idiotic

  • littlebardofhope

    21 hours ago

    Social Justits

  • iBangGirlsFromDorne

    21 hours ago

    What a genius. 8 mutual friends with the dude too.

  • Haln2016

    17 hours ago

    There is a few there that im fine with not being for me. Actually thankful tbh

  • Bananamanagistics

    16 hours ago

    Fine. What else isn't for me? Can I see that, too?

  • iBongz420

    15 hours ago

    "Excuse me while I sell these original sketches for thousands of dollars while sticking it to the capitalist dogs!"