I found this one under the DuckTales movie.

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  • Krillars


    Tbh I haven't watched ducktales since I was like 8 but thinking back at it, it probably had some racist jokes

  • Sodabot300


    its about ducks. sure its racist towards humans

  • Stnq


    Yeah how lovely it was to be un-race conscious. Holy.

  • CaptainCrackbaby


    Maybe they mean the characte Dijon?

  • el_throwaway_returns


    So what's the scene? This is kind of a meaningless post without any context. What if it was something actually racist?

  • qjamir093


    The reason I don't take issue with stereotypes in children's films is specifically why some others may have a huge problem with them: it's a movie targeted at kids. In my experience, children in this age group (which I'm assuming is 6-10), aren't yet fully capable of picking up on the nuances of character. Big, sweeping archetypes are more likely to make easily identifiable characters. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, they can pick up on some nuanced characteristics and social cues, but to guarantee that the most children see exactly the type of characters they're dealing with, I would do the same thing (whilst trying to not poke fun or be hateful).

    I only had time to watch the first fifteen minutes or so before I had to go to work, so maybe there's something in this movie that I'm missing.

    I'm not saying these stereotypes can't influence children's opinions or actions. I'm only saying that they aren't automatically and categorically bad. It's a balancing act.