For the people complaining that Krennic's death was offscreen

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  • Yunners

    6 hours ago

    For people complaining about spoilers, the film is out for four months and is available on home release. And as such is is no longer subject to our spoiler policy.

  • TrucksAndCigars

    11 hours ago

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fucking godly aim of whoever shot through that tower at planetary distances?

  • AFK42

    11 hours ago

    So... I guess no one can complain that Bail Organa was killed off screen as well?

  • K0ULIK0V

    12 hours ago

    There are people complaining about this ???

  • harris5

    9 hours ago


  • Forsworn91

    11 hours ago

    I loved this scene the moment of "no... no they wouldn't" and then boom!

    There was a change, they actually had in the story that he some how survived, but was brought to Vader who killed him

  • NikephorosII

    11 hours ago

    I bet Tarkin knew Krennic was there and deliberately aimed the beam so it would headshot him.

  • Mudron

    11 hours ago

    Interesting that this also makes Krennic the first victim of the Death Star's attack on Scarif.

    Also, strange that instead of targeting the Citadel directly, the Death Star targets a spot dozens of miles away that also happens to take out the communications tower directly, which is probably the Death Star equivalent of shooting a flea off someone's shoulder at 400 yards (and just happens to give Jyn and Cassian plenty of time to get away from Krennic and the tower and limp to the beach for a more beatific last moment).

  • Dimakhaerus

    11 hours ago

    Holy shit, I didn't realize that when the beam hit the tower Krennic was there. He must have been instantly pulverized.

    (Disclaimer): I wasn't complaining about it, but I just realize now that I didn't pay enough attention.

  • blockpro156

    11 hours ago

    Did anyone complain about it? His death was perfect, he was killed by his own weapon!

  • kaching335

    10 hours ago

    Didnt know people were complaining about this... I thought his death scene, seeing his space station come into orbit and know it will be his death

    and the part where they sat there waiting to die, having fulfilled their mission were beautifully tragic and awesome

  • djdirk

    9 hours ago

    Tarkin is so petty lmao

  • Zladan

    6 hours ago

    I'm a moron. I thought to myself "why would they epicenter the explosion way off in the distance?" I still sorta think that still, but I never noticed they sniped the comms dish.

    Now I just imagine a scene where an Imperial officer halfway across the galaxy is like "don't worry, I backed up the data on the imperial archives on Scarif..." and someone talking to him thinks "ehhhhhhhh sh*t he doesn't know yet..."

  • Dolewhip

    7 hours ago

    I really felt for Krennic. He was a classic middle-management dude. No real power, lots of pressure. At the end he sees the weapon being readied and he's like did these dudes just do this, they KNOW I'm on this fucking planet. They know. Then when the beam is coming he's just looking at it thinking these motherfuckers

  • thr33beggars

    11 hours ago

    You never know, he might have lived.

  • czhunc

    11 hours ago

    Technically correct is the best kind of correct.

  • Rickenbacker69

    6 hours ago

    I simply love how Tarkin hated Krennic so much that he didn't just shoot the planet, nor just the base, he actually aimed directly at Krennic himself!

  • Tenrac

    9 hours ago

    I didn't notice that the tip of the comm tower was hit by the laser until the 3rd time I had seen R1.

  • DoctorCreepy

    8 hours ago

    Huh. I just watched Rogue One for the first time a couple days ago, and I definitely thought "DAAAAMMNNNNNN... They killed Krennic!" and then.... The shockwave obliterates everything and that showed how cold the Empire is when it comes to their soldiers, agents, etc. Everyone, no matter how important, is expendable. Failure is not tolerated at all. Every soldier, agent, etc on the planet tasked with stopping the rebels were vaporized for their failure. That's some ice cold shit

  • fyrilin

    7 hours ago

    Oh man, in the old Star Wars Behind the Magic CD you could try out different weapons against a stormtrooper. One of the weapons was the "Death Star ray" where it would sound like it's charging up (with the stormtrooper trying to get out of there) and it just flashes to a "no signal" screen video link.

  • ThunderousOath

    7 hours ago

    This was one of the best and only funny moments at the end of the movie, was him getting vaporized like a bug on the top of that tower. How can people complain about that.

  • Drakenmar

    7 hours ago

    Imagine being one of the people on the Death Star that has to calculate when they are ready to fire (ignoring the fact that computers probably handle it).

    Tarkin: "You may fire when ready."

    Engineer One: "Shit! Someone give me a pencil!"

    Engineer Two: "Careful, if we fire too soon, we'll get the base but it won't be as cool. And if we fire too late we'll miss the transmission tower completely!"

    Engineer One: "You think I don't know that, Carl? Get some scratch paper!"

  • ReallyHawkward

    7 hours ago

    I thought it was obvious....

  • darwinn_69

    7 hours ago

    Why shoot the laser at such an oblique angle? The angle that they are targeting it so close to the horizon from the perspective of the death star that they run a very real chance of missing.

  • Maninahouse

    6 hours ago

    Krennic is a wimp.

    Don't choke on aspirations.

    Death isn't off screen.

  • floede

    6 hours ago

    But that's not even what "killed off screen" means?

    When a character is killed without any reason, story or explanation - aka while we're watching something else, that's annoying.

    But we know exactly how, when, where and why he was killed.

  • melon_master

    5 hours ago

    And now he is here, and there, and also there, and over there as well.


    5 hours ago

    I'll just leave this here:

  • Atea2

    5 hours ago

    I just think they should've at least been zoomed in on Krennic when the laser melted him

  • MedRogue

    5 hours ago

    Can we all agree, all the important people have already watched this movie 😏.

  • Hey_im_miles

    5 hours ago

    So not even a spoiler tag.. great. I dont care if its available for home viewing.. so is any game of thrones/walking dead/etc episode the night of, doesnt mean all of us have had a chance to see it yet. Just a red fuckin spoiler tag.. thats all it takes. People still give a spoiler warning on movies/shows that are a year old and even older, out of respect for people who maybe just havent had a chance. Ive stumbled upon plenty here. I am subbed here for all things star wars, you kind of have the monopoly on that. Then you mix in these movie ruiners without any warning whatsoever and blame us for browsing the reddit that encompasses all things star wars. Good mods, good good mods.

  • R_Solo40

    8 hours ago

    He was staring right down the barrel of that mofo

  • FukboiMarvi

    7 hours ago

    There are people that complained about his death?

  • DaveAlt19

    7 hours ago

    Can someone explain what they were trying to do here? Were they just aiming for the satellite, or were they trying to destroy everything?

    If just the satellite, using the Death Star seems like overkill. If the entire base, why did they aim so far away?