Large kitchen features custom woodwork and hanging cabinets in this home in Wyoming (by Locati Architects). [3000 × 2000]

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  • GanstaThuggin


    That hangin cabinet looks misplaced

  • ReptarKanklejew


    I do not care for those hanging cabinets. It would look much more open without them.

  • Meunderwears


    More pics and info

  • Lambamham


    Very Wyoming-y. Also the layout is super weird...

  • -apricotmango


    I think if the style was more industrial modern, a hanging cabinet would make sense. But this is more traditional, it doesnt fit.

  • noirbo


    So I had to do some research considering I am living in Wyoming. A Montana based firm creating a house for a family from North Carolina in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This 8000 sq ft home is in a county that is the least Wyoming surrounded by the most Wyoming scenery. Beautiful none the less. The other 22 counties in Wyoming don't always like to be associated with the choices and actions of this particular county or like them to be the spokesperson for the state.

  • Nichinungas


    I appreciate the workmanship but I prefer something about 100 times more minimalist.

  • BlutNacht

    20 hours ago

    I'd love it if not for those hanging cabinets.

  • PeanutRaisenMan


    Jesus that hanging cabinet is an eye sore. The kitchen would be so much more open without that thing there.

  • rimedireddit

    20 hours ago

    10/10 would bang my forehead on that hanging cabinet again.

    Danger zone done right.

    Also the small cabinet in the middle of the center island clashes so much it hurts my slight OCD. and it's a slight one.

    The space in front of the big cabinet on the far left looks wasted.

    The oil and spices are in the recessed space in front of the burners so you can drape all your hairs all over the pots, not to mention the eye-watering heat and sweat. 10/10 would sweat my way through dinner making again.

    But the rest looks very good.

  • electricyesterday

    20 hours ago

    Painfully American

  • HairyButtHole5000

    18 hours ago

    This is too over the top. It's gaudy and doesn't work. I bet an over confident contractor designed this rather then an actual architect or interior designer.