Leah Gotti new meaning to wet pussy

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  • allen2911

    9 months ago

    I'd imagine it'd feel like fucking a wet plastic bag with her constantly rinsing her pissy juices off your dick.

  • SamuraiCrack

    9 months ago

    Anyone who's ever actually had sex in the shower would know that water somehow makes it dryer. It's not a very good lubricant.This probably isn't very pleasurable

  • mledwar111991

    9 months ago

    If you like this go to /r/4k_porn to see the video

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  • Shpongolese

    9 months ago

    How the fuck? Any time i have ever tried shower sex(the exact same way as the gif) her pussy clammed up and nearly torn my dick off, and she couldnt have sex for a day or so from the rawness.