Everything is men's fault. Why is this seen as OK? Replace men with women, blacks, or any other minority and see the outrage.

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  • Dank_Meems


    Women: When you take no responsibility, you can do no wrong.

  • Ultramegasaurus


    It was mostly men who killed jews in concentration camps, but it also was exclusively men who liberated concentration camps.

    Men did a lot of heinous things but a lot of admirable things as well. Men were the driving force behind technology and civilization. And they still are because women are very slow to pick up the pace in that regard.

  • Lethn


    If they hate us that much they can go and build civilisation themselves then. For all the bitching they do about men they're sure happy to let us do all the even slightly hard jobs in life. I think this just really needs to be the response to these types of morons now because they're not going to take a look at the real world any time soon, they can fuck off and stop trying to push their fanatical worldview onto everybody else.

  • upsidedownbackwards

    22 hours ago

    We all came out of vaginas, so pretty sure we aren't the root cause.

  • miharuhojo

    22 hours ago

    proceeds to go to the mall and spend $500 a month on disposable clothes, accessories , and make up, accounting for a massive carbon footprint and contributing to forced child labor and the pollution of water sources and air quality in third world countries

  • GrimB0LD

    20 hours ago

    Pretty sure men did not create polio, smallpox or that nasty fucking guinea worm. Also pretty sure it was primarily men responsible for eradicating them.

  • ThePigmanAgain

    21 hours ago

    If the rest of her Twitter is anything to go by she's just another vile cunt looking for attention.

  • DavidByron2

    21 hours ago

    Women are not a minority.

  • furyoffive

    20 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice the name of the woman is at the bottom of the page?

  • Thy_Lord_Castiel


    We have done most problems.

    But every right women and minorities have, every good thing in this world, every thing that is right and just, was done by men.

  • RunawayGrain

    20 hours ago

    Evey time I hear a girl saying shit like this, I keep asking myself if this princess and her social clique got shipwrecked with no men around, how quickly would the first murder occur? My guess is in under a week.

  • thalos3D

    18 hours ago

    Every fascist needs a whipping boy - someone to blame for everything wrong in the world. Extreme feminist fascists are no different.

  • QuasiQwazi

    17 hours ago

    And those men were raised by women, educated by women and taught to 'man up' by women.

  • mitzibishi

    15 hours ago

    "build a wall"

    They cant.

  • theprodigy_1

    15 hours ago

    Queens waged more war than kings.

  • Umbra_Wolf

    15 hours ago


    Manual Labour

    Choose one.