You'll never be able to guess who's responsible for the "Orgasm gap".

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  • PowerToAnnihilate


    Is this why MGM is legal, and men buying sex toys is seen as creepy by society while it's normal for women to carry vibrators in their purses?

    Wow, introspection is not a thing anymore lol

  • The_Lone_Fish17


    I would really like to hear the author explain what these societal force are.

  • heimdahl81

    23 hours ago

    "Decades of research confirm that women want and enjoy sex as much as men."

    Decades of research prove women do NOT want sex as much as men.

    If women enjoy sex as much as men, then why is their having fewer orgasms a problem?

  • aasfasdfasd


    The same social forces that tell me to kill myself when I voice my concern over being left out of culture while better looking people are hooking up like it's going out of style?

    Or you mean good looking men. Oh, Ok. Some of only exist when you want to left off some steam.

  • garoo1

    23 hours ago

    Wait, it's not the patriarchy?

  • Tgunner192


    Well I'm a guy and it's my pleasure to make a woman orgasm. I'm not trying to be funny here I really get off on it. If I may be brutally honest I think that's what being a heterosexual guy is all about. Watching her eyes roll back, feeling her tremble and yes, don't believe the nitwits that tell you female ejaculation isn't real, IT IS! Sometimes it can be a bit funky but for the most part it smells good, it tastes good and the way it makes her lady curves glisten is very much enchanting . . .not sure if I should've posted all that but I need to go watch a netflix with the Mrs, bbl