Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection. Lip glosses and an eyeshadow palette!

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  • emilypandemonium

    19 hours ago

    I wish the eyeshadow pans were hexagonal rather than square. They would have made a gorgeous honeycomb.

  • Pantone877

    21 hours ago

    The oil slick metallic packaging looks a lot like UD's Troublemaker mascara packaging. Weird convergence.

  • milkshakegirl

    21 hours ago

    There also looks like they have lipsticks and eyeliners as well. I tried to tell myself today I do not need anymore makeup but I think I might need all this!!

    EDIT: They took down the picture I posted on IG and instead posted this minutes later

  • fantastic_lee

    20 hours ago

    I wish they had chosen to release mini sampler type sets instead//as well especially since the release is still soo recent. Those eyeshadows look so... light? especially since they seem metallic which makes colours look even lighter so I'm interested in seeing how they work on dark skin.

    I see lipglosses(?) a really odd concealer colour eyeliner(?), what I'm guessing as either slim lipsticks or balms(?), and a very safe liquid liner in black.

    Meh :(

  • boobookeyz

    20 hours ago

    The packaging is GORGEOUS. I'm so intrigued by the layout of that palette - so unique!

    It did look like there was a lot of fallout on Fenty Beauty's IG video but we shall have to swatch and see. Too bad Sephora stores will be a shitshow for the foreseeable future!

  • ocicataco

    20 hours ago

    Wow I'm not remotely interested in that palette. Looks like colors I'd find at Claire's in 2002.

  • kittylovesblog

    20 hours ago

    I'm honestly not into any of this. I don't need a palette full of shimmers and I'm not into glosses and the lipstick shades aren't anything I don't have. It's all very underwhelming.That packaging is another story though, I love it. Especially the palette!

    ETA: They have way more pictures and sneaks on their story and the palette looks different from all angles, I love it.

    Edit: here are the screenshots from the Insta story for those who don't have it or want to see stills https://imgur.com/a/hN9pG

  • LegendaryDeathclaw12

    17 hours ago

    Guess I'm in the minority but I really like the packaging. I'd rather see something like this than products that look like every other brand.

  • syshenasty

    21 hours ago

    I dunno... looks a little dollar store to me.

  • gentlestardust

    21 hours ago

    I was coming here to post this same thing! Haha

  • saraaaf

    20 hours ago

    All shimmer shadows? Interesting...

  • ishotthepilot

    20 hours ago

    I love the chrome/oilslick!! And glad she's keeping the graffiti theme running, I'm in love with the packaging haha. I find it less gaudy than the UD version. Plus seeing Jeffree Star with "SEX PROOF MAKEUP" blaring across my Youtube screen turned me right off of learning anything about that line, I forgot it was even similar until seeing the comment here.

    Oranges are surprising for winter (again, very unique, I don't think I've ever seen a creamsicle liner) but I can see people getting some mileage out of that palette... need swatches!

  • trecey123

    19 hours ago

    I think it’s a holiday intergalactic collection hence the duo-chrome packaging and the color scheme. Those glosses look like oil slicks and the shadows are reminding me of urban decay moon dust vibes. I’m getting hella urban decay vibes actually.

  • OnceInABluMoon

    17 hours ago

    New brand on the scene AND they had a holiday line prepped and ready to go?? That's incredible!

  • tippyx

    20 hours ago

    I liked the original packaging more. Sleek and minimalist. This is too busy

  • qcityk

    20 hours ago

    Oh god, this is crazy, especially with the fact the foundation won't even be in stock around the holidays.

    *Edit, I'm unsure why this is getting downvoted, it's actually an email we got sent, not me being dramatic.

  • kittylovesblog

    18 hours ago

    Better images of the palette for those interested:

    Fenty Beauty Galaxy Holiday Palette https://imgur.com/a/IClrw

  • fairydustandunicorns

    20 hours ago

    I'm all aboard the hype train 🚂 but still waiting on a Riri Woo dupe.

  • 1rodriguez3

    20 hours ago

    Wow everything looks incredibly tacky! This is so disappointing because the other products look AMAZING! Then again most ‘holiday collections’ are just pure money grabs, so I’m not too surprised.

  • gorgossia

    20 hours ago

    The eyeshadow palette looks very much like Model's Own's palettes.

  • milagro030

    19 hours ago

    The colors give me more a spring vibe than holiday. Do like the colors of the eyeshadows but they look like fallout mayhem.

  • pieceofgrass

    18 hours ago

    Is it just me or do the shadows look all metallic?

  • dweekss

    18 hours ago

    I’m so sad about this! I saw it on IG and I was so shocked, I wish she did some red shades, one matte and a foiled one, a deep orange shade maybe a foiled one as well, SOMETHING. Even if the searches are great the colors just aren’t doing it for me ):

  • phantasmagoriaintwo

    20 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of "millennial pink" but the original packaging was cleaner and classier in a way, and the palette is unappealing to me. I would have liked to have seen more Match Stix in different colors instead. But the lipsticks look interesting, id love to see swatches for those!

  • lawschoolwannabe123

    20 hours ago

    I keep going back & forth on the packaging. My favorite so far is the original, but this is kinda cool. I get why it's different seeing as this is her holiday collection.

    I like the eyeshadow palette, from the photos here the colors seem cool, but idk if it's necessarily wearable for me. And to buy it around holiday time? I'm not wearing those colors during winter, lol.

  • casiells

    20 hours ago

    Reminds me of UD packaging. I'm not that excited but tbh I most certainly don't have the money to purchase it either way lol.

  • bladedada

    20 hours ago

    this looks like all the other Sephora brand products. ugh.

    whats up with the lipglosses? the one lipgloss she came out with originally is in a totally different container. why not keep the component the same? branding continuity anyone??

    and for the love of GOD where are the dark lipsticks?! RiRi does not where these pale ass glosses; she wears BOLD DARK lips.

    also ridiculous that their first venture into eyeshadow is completely unwearable.

  • JackieGrrrl

    20 hours ago

    They are doing the launch in Paris right now, and a french youtuber who did blackface recently and who said transphobic and ableist stuffs is there and had her makeup done by Rihanna herself... Also I don't think that they are any black girls there. The two french ambassador are white girls... I don't blame Rihanna but the Fenty Beauty's, or the french Sephora's communication team really should be more careful

  • sapsap51

    19 hours ago

    I feel like not even Rihanna can make lip gloss a thing again. Maybe it's just me lol

  • KanKan669

    16 hours ago

    I CANNOT understand the hype. This literally looks like children's makeup. I was hoping it would be more sleek like the main line.

  • Allisonb93

    19 hours ago

    I'm disappointed. I really thought after then Fenty launch that it was going to become the next new IT brand. But this collection looks really cheap to me? The packaging, a dark purple multi color with the shades of lipgloss/eyeshadow just don't look right to me.

    When I first saw it before reading th headline I thought "gross"


  • angstfae

    19 hours ago

    My heart just stopped and I think I peed a little. I totally wasn't expecting them to come out with something for holiday.

  • Marilize_Legajuanaa

    20 hours ago

    What is the white tube in the bottom right?

  • meatball_sando

    17 hours ago

    I'm actually really surprised that new stuff is coming out so soon after the initial launch. Way to keep the hype train running, RiRi! IUntil better swatches come out, I'm not seeing anything I'm desperate for, although I do see a shadow brush. I assume it will included in the palette but I was just thinking today (while looking for some shadow brushes) that I would LOVE a set of brushes based on the full size Fenty ones (frankly I'd be happy with just a shadow brush for now).

  • zeuxine

    20 hours ago

    Yas more lip glosses!!!!!!!

    Edit: not into the eyeshadow palette at all tho

  • dumbroad

    19 hours ago

    Loved the first round of products, like the packaging, but not really feeling any of this. I might get a lipstick

  • frecklesandgeckos

    19 hours ago

    I like how the lipsticks look, but those colors don't look very unique, at least in this picture. I'm interested in that bright green shade in the palette but not much else. Smart of them to start advertising while everything is still so hyped up.