LPT: How to fold a napkin

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  • mafiaelephant

    2 years ago

    You make 3 pockets... and you put a spoon in one, leaving room for a fork and knife...



  • no_flex

    2 years ago

    That's a lot of work for a spoon blanket.

  • misspeelled

    2 years ago

    Step one: Stop using paper towels ripped off the roll and buy cloth napkins.

  • FinalMantasyX

    2 years ago

    this definitely improves my life in a meaningful way

  • SplooshSplash1

    2 years ago

    I've worked in the restaurant industry for about 6 years and I never have napkins that form a perfect square!

  • liam_coleman

    2 years ago

    Every time I see a gif like this i'm like "This should be easy next time i'm setting a table i will do that save gif" then i go and try it and its a disaster and i'm like fuck this.

  • Bmxuoe

    2 years ago

    That spoon was obviously tired.

  • royster30

    2 years ago

    All I need now are some friends so I can have a dinner party.

    Seriously though this is pretty cool and it looks easy to learn too.

  • xDialtone

    2 years ago

    Now give me a gif on how to fold a shirt properly. I'm 23 years old and I HANG UP ALL MY DAMN SHIRTS BECAUSE I CAN'T SHIRTS.

  • Epsom_Pepper

    2 years ago

    My friends know where the paper towels are.

  • Desmodromic1078

    2 years ago

    This fucking sub.

    Where is my monthly single decent and legitimate LPT?

  • xTimelined

    2 years ago

    I think sticking with cheap paper napkins will suffice.

  • Rolling_on_the_river

    2 years ago

    I think I'd look very pretentious if I did this.

  • afterthought7

    2 years ago

    I just cum into a sock it's a lot easier than all this

  • mickeymouse4348

    2 years ago

    i used to do this hundreds of times a day at a previous job

    im having flashbacks

  • Robdor1

    2 years ago

    Is there a way to block this sub from my r/all list? This post literally gave me cancer again.

  • flman16

    2 years ago

    I watched a similar video and saved $1,200 by folding 300 of these for my wedding.

  • baulzaq

    2 years ago

    Or just fold it in half and call it a day

  • Justo_Lives

    2 years ago

    i'll never do this