Adopt a rapefugee

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  • ButcherBoss


    She is so getting raped.

  • Drakaris


    a 29-year-old

    Are you sure? Sweden just called. They swear that this is a poor fragile 14 year old boy.

  • Despotic_Monarch


    The cuck siren is deafening.

  • hlaalulacky


    He looks like such a pussy

  • Grisepik

    22 hours ago

    And all the ordinary german homeless people they see every day, of course get the sneer and are not invited to stay in their spare room. Because only by inviting someone with high enough victim-status, like a poor poor muslim, can they brag on facebook and to all their friends about how tolerant and better humans they are.

  • Mephistopheles2249


    Hahahaha look at their faces, the Kraut on the left, doesn't even have the stones to look forward cause he is getting cucked hard.

    The Syrian in the middle is a fighting age man (29), that should pick a side and fight for his homeland and in no way should be allowed to enter another country. He was a look like yeah I'm here to bone out this bitch.

    And now the broad sitting down on the right, that fucking shit eating grin, she enjoys being a cuckmaster.

    Holy Shit so I was focused on the faces look at the feet of the two guys, these lizards are actually playing footsie. This is some triangle, poly, bullshit that I'm too old to ever understand how it works.

  • Shankism


  • skullaw

    23 hours ago

    That guy is a cuck

  • GeckoFlameThrower

    18 hours ago

    I see 2 women in this pic.

  • Sugreev2001


    Their expressions tell the whole story.

  • Shadowgaper15

    21 hours ago

    Maximilian seems uninterested in this photo

  • Maisie_feet_fan

    21 hours ago

    Absolute fucking morons.

  • jonacson

    21 hours ago

    amazing ... they think he's their pet.

  • JusticePitcher

    19 hours ago

    Well i honestly don't see the problem, a couple helps a Syrian asylum seeker. I ain't for mass immigration but maybe this helps the guys that slipped through the cracks integrate better, fuck if i know. What i'll say is that it's understandable if you come from a my certain angle, though don't go crying when that guy rapes her.

  • Jimars

    15 hours ago

    They'll go boom soon

  • eliar91

    13 hours ago

    Fucking hell. He looks just like me.

  • durrrr013


    Is there a Syrian version of singing in the rain?

  • Napierdalator

    21 hours ago

    Man, your whole life you are pretty sure that shooting someone in the back of his head just for who he is, is plain wrong, and then you see this cuck. And you're not that sure anymore.