I'm liking this duplicate aircraft glitch

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  • trevors685


    For Pegasus aircrafts, call the vehicle through Pegasus, and then drive it in the hangar. Just do it over and over.

    For new aircrafts, make sure that you have no vehicles to claim with insurance.

    1. Blow up stock elegy

    2. Go into hangar

    3. Get into aircraft that you want to copy

    4. Call the insurance

    5. Immediately after it rings twice, press the gas, and spam X.

    6. Go back in, and you should have another aircraft

  • mcfudgebutts


    My console was on rest mode so this glitch still works for me. Got a Bombushka for 2.8 million out the door after selling the original.

  • Nino_Chaosdrache

    23 hours ago

    Is it a glitch? I just drove my Pegasus Hydra into the hangar normally multiple times, so I thought getting multiple personal Hydras was intended by the developer

  • Loki_99

    23 hours ago

    What color is the reddish one?

  • TheHighBlatman

    21 hours ago

    They are defineatly gonna take those all away and label you bad sport.