/r/Fallout: Vault-Tec Amenities Initiative [VDSG-004]

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  • horizon_xiv

    9 months ago

    This PSA has been bought to you by Vault-Tec Publications Department.

    For Nuka-World Discussion (Spoilers) please navigate here!

  • surosregime

    9 months ago

    Wow, this is really cool! Glad to see these little updates to the sub, gives it a sense of liveliness.

  • PurpleDotExe

    9 months ago

    When will the red special flair be available?

  • Sonofarakh

    9 months ago

    Fixed the Logos this time, I see

  • UnIsForUnity

    9 months ago

    Could we get a Hubology flair?

  • ScienceBrah401

    9 months ago


  • thegreatvortigaunt

    9 months ago

    Alright I get that this is pretty much all a subreddit can do, but seeing all these quality posts for nothing but shitey pointless flairs is getting pretty anti-climatic.