Yesterday I hiked through waist deep snow to get a sunset view over the fog. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA [OC][4000x6000]

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  • flyrocha

    10 hours ago

    Typo. Smog.

  • 0ctobeams

    13 hours ago

    That's incredibly gorgeous. I don't understand how this hasn't blown away into upvote territory!

  • NessieReddit

    9 hours ago

    You spelled smog wrong.

  • farfanoogen

    9 hours ago

    should have used snowshoes.

  • directfitz

    11 hours ago

    I saw that one night x-country touring at ALTA. I don't think I moved for 15 minutes. Full moon.

  • Zesty-Lem0n

    11 hours ago

    If it's waist-deep, is it worth trying to crawl over it instead?

  • hansiphoto

    9 hours ago

    Thanks everyone for your support!! I hope my picture is able to inspire you in some way. Cheers!!!

  • GritandMortar

    9 hours ago

    Where is that? Cottonwood, park city, avenues?

  • gabaybay1

    9 hours ago

    How was the hike back? Did you have to hike back down in the dark?

  • PewPewImOnFire

    9 hours ago

    Dang, OP! I'm from Utah as well (Farmington) and I'm just wondering where you took this photo and in what direction. Thanks and nice picture!