Made a flowchart on how to play each role in 7.06

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  • Alexsynndri


    Basically how every HotS game starts anyway.

  • vipirius


    I really miss 1v1 mids and actual trilane safelanes :(

  • CopainChevalier


    I know a lot of people don't like watching people farm for extended periods, but it's really frustrating to me sometimes how the meta right now seems to hate people who want to hard farm. There's no big hard carry on each team competing to get bigger faster or something.

  • CzmBzsOqn


    This is valid for any meta that has happened after 6.80. Mid has shifted from offlane-type space creator to secondary carry and now basically the whole game revolves around mid.

  • admiralreddog


    Even bots follow this lol. Last night I played a solo bot game to warm-up, and after 8 minutes or so they all came mid and started fighting, died, respawned and then TPd back to mid to keep fighting.

  • SouvenirSubmarine


    I think you're onto something. I feel like IceFrog should re-evaluate the extra lane creep in mid.

  • braaainfeeder


    OSfrog is an amazing designer but he tends to do such drastic makeovers. I wish he transitioned towards skirmishy meta by little increments while still making sure that hard carries stay viable.

  • xFount


    Yep, thats new dota, brainless fuckfest at midlane because why not.

  • ginnaz


    What kind of 2k meta is this? Am I missing something? Is this a meme or something?

  • wolfreaks


    I have no words so true.

  • igits


    Am I the only one who likes this meta of mid having rotations every 2 minutes?It rewards teams who put more effort into drafting supports, unlike in former patches, where it was just too safe to draft laning supports and a bit too risky to draft roamers

    That, and the addiction of several low-cost items made solo roamer, duo roamer legit strats, and with it, we get the equivalent of a rock-scissor-paper when drafting supports, where:

    • Junglers and greedy supports beat defensive supports

    • Roamers beat junglers and greedy supports

    • Defensive supports beat roamers

  • Call_Me_Pk


    It's kind of odd how my 5.5k+ friends and I lost a considerable amount of mmr this patch since we usually play hard carry or mid and everyone that plays 4 support has risen. This patch doesn't reward mechanical skill anymore and is just a mindless fuckfest in the mid lane. Yes I miss farming so sue me. I think that non stop fighting patches are low skill and brings us closer to becoming like HoTS.

    Also, contrary to what redditors think, I miss jungling being viable. It made games in higher mmr brackets more interesting and could be a legitimate strategy if your safelane was strong.

  • mr_havenofeelings


    This is bullshit support doesnot camp mid for 30 min i dont even get into exp range unless i am IO.

  • hzpnotoad


    The main reason I hate this patch (more than seeing necro/veno every game) is that there is no longer a solo mid.

    The extra creep in mid was the worst change in dota recently.

  • QstnEvrthnYouFgt


    This is the reason I stopped playing dota.

  • Xenadon


    I was excited because I could use some legitimate advice for position 4.

  • steamvalen


    This is golden.

  • munbuw


    I like the mid one. Mid>Go mid>Fight until one side wins and go nextI am looking forward to my midlaners never leaning their lane now.




    is it weird that I think the safelane one is true? People who pick hardcarrys really want to lose in this meta.

  • Remiu


    With how big the mid is impacted by that simple 1 creep. I'm not surprised why it's so badly contested. The game right now is basically all mid or try to splitpush(good fking luck with that m8).

  • Dotaspasm


    You forgot pick Lich and instawin any lane.

  • muncken


    This is just the flowchart for every bad Dota player, regardless of patch. Watching lower rated games I often see these pointless mid standoffs where nothing happens. This goes way back many years even.

    Don't join your stupid teammates in their stupid endeavours no matter how much they flame and ping you. This really has nothing to do with the patch, but I'm hoping you guys are all meming.

  • TheYashie


    I thought this was going to be educational but I got Jebaited.

  • SpectreDotA2


    i think the game is at the point where the heros are too strong compared to the towers. So many 30 minute games

  • ullu13


    Well it is true, pos4 owns this patch. I better get my 5k back before the new patch, shitposts are coming in way too fast i need to hurry up, time is running out

  • Nameless547


    Reminds me of BroScience's chart of ''Do you even lift?''

  • Contiello


    I was really excited and then it's just a meme. Goddamn Guide flair abuse.

  • xin_the_ember_spirit


    dunno about u, but i would want to see what would happen if the same patch was to be played for like 10 years or something. just to see how it turns out and would it be still as diverse or ppl would figure out the best 20 heroes and spam only those

  • BeardedWax


    You didn't make a flowchart, you made a monstrosity.

  • FinalBosss


    This is extremely correct and describes every game I had tonight.

    What my limited deduction capability doesn't quite get is why is that so correct. What's so different right now in Dota2?

  • sky018


    Oh my god, I think I am the guy who is not leaning on the current meta. I actually prefer, out of the box ganks at mid, while mid also ganks. If I play support, I ain't gonna baby sit mid for fuck sake, but rather the safe lane, and would gank mid at the right time, (supports these days) are try hard mid gank boys which leaves them no exp gain at all. And if I mid, I do not even want a support, baby sitting me, since it is a waste of time, also get pissed when they do not have level if their support is lvl hunger (e.g. pudge) fuck sake, lvl 3 pudge for the next 10 minutes what ya gonna do?

  • ManTiZz


    I love the meta right now

  • baraur


    Not even close dude

  • s0n1cm4yh3m


    amazing how this patch was so loved during TI7 and now everybody hates it...

  • Baltowolf


    I've never lost as many games as this metal and never really got why. I'm a carry player. I actually like to farm and play late game. Every game this patch is crap. Suddenly make sense. Don't know how I didn't realize this was the actual meta until seeing this chart. Now I am really pissed off at this meta.

  • Burtoth


    it's like people are salty that the meta is active or something

  • MissPetrova


    I like the idea of giving mid an extra creep so that midlaners get bigger faster but I wish it would extend to the rest of the team, too.

    Dota lasts 60 minutes and you have to do a lot of risky pushing to end. That's kind of irritating. While I do appreciate that you can come back from near-losses, it's frustrating as all hell to get stalled out indefinitely if they have a lich or sniper to defend HG pushes. League has the right idea here - you lose a little bit early, get more chances to win more, done by 30 minutes in. If you make a big comeback, the rax show up again, so you can actually push and end if you get a few more chances.

    I love and prefer dota but it's hard to play it as often as I want due to the fact that I can get trapped in a 65 minute fuckfest+5 minute queue time+10 minute hero select screen when I hit Play Now. With stuff like smite, OW, and lol, I know I'm not going to be in there for longer than an hour (and honestly lol is a little bit of a long game too).

    I don't mind characters who are good at defending structures, because they're necessary to prevent ratting. However, perhaps the base is a little too strong against concentrated team pushes. Would be nice if a 5-man push could take out t3, rax, t4s, then end, or if it was more viable to waltz down a raxless lane to try to end from there.