Just your average 4K MMR match..

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  • Jamo_Z


    For anyone wondering, the Skywrath and Tusk are in a party.

    They queue using their Party MMR to get into the 4K AVG bracket, but as you can see, Tusk is actually 6.9K Solo MMR.

    I don't understand how this can be a fair match in any way possible.

    Even if we had a 6.9K player on our team (we didn't) it still makes the match not enjoyable for actual 4K mmr players.

    I've had enough of the 4K MMR bracket for a while, encountering Account Buyers, Account Boosters and Smurf accounts.

    Having to play with/against 7K players though?

    That's just not fun, you either get carried or crushed.

    To put it into perspective, a 5K player vs a 2K player is a laughable match-up, yet this is the same MMR difference.


    For added context,

    Their team's MMR:

    Sniper - 4631 Solo

    Skywrath - 3979 Solo

    Tusk - 6945 Solo

    Terrorblade - 4478 Party MMR

    Pudge - 4418 Solo

    Our team's MMR:

    Ember Spirit: 4450 Solo

    Sand King: 4376 Solo

    Kunkka: 4130 Solo

    Wraith King - 4547 Solo

    Dazzle - 4328 Solo

  • M00N_R1D3R


    Cmon mate you can play against high-tier player in the competetive environment for a small price of 25 mmr. Why would you refuse to have this privilege?

  • eshaymusica


    Yes please bring bank SOLO QUEUE ranked, Party MMR players should only be pitted against others who are in a party or just completely remove party mmr

  • AwkwarkPeNGuiN


    say goodbye to your 25mmr

  • ofir20503


    What are the results?

    I'd be more happy than sad to play against someone with higher rating, it gives me a chance to test my skills and moves on him/her.

  • Deadificator


    I'm 4.5k and I qued a match and got into a 7k average with RTZ on my team and STANKING on the other.

    I was playing carry monkey king and I'm only 14 and it was a huge deal to play with my idol tbh.

    Whilst this was a very cool expierence RTZ just ignored me and didn't acknowledge he had fans and it was very depressing when he just straight up muted me cause I was excited.

    Anywho the match quality is awful and while you may suggest that I play support in that rare case, I am a horrible support player and this was just as 7.00 came out, not only that but they're were much better support players they're on the team.

    Would I play with him again absolutely. But the match was unfair and skewed.

    (totally offtopic. sorry)

  • Bravehood


    Good thing its a tusk

  • Azor_Ahai24


    Had two 7ks partied up in my low 5k average, but we somehow won xD

  • Laancasteer


    Its just a tusk , no big deal

  • Edestark


    Yeah im 2.7k and i have been playing against 4.5k...

  • tnolan182


    I think the solution to this is obvious, Make solo q truely solo. However time and time again valve has shown their unwillingness to do this because players complain they are waiting too long for party q's. So my alternative solution is the following: Allow players to check an option that states: Yes/No I want to play with Party Q players. Similar to the language setting. Players should be allowed to choose if they want to play Ranked games with other parties.

  • sunofagundota


    I love the arguments defending this.

  • Akashix09


    I love playing with higher rank than to me but we need to separate the party game and solo game.



    >level 53 acct

    >first match last year

    >playing party ranked at 4.3

    account status = purchased

  • allenp11


    Please tell me why removing party mmr and having a single mmr level for both solo and party players is wrong. The party players should only be able to queue if their mmr average is similar.

  • ullu13


    That tusk could have gotten mad and threw game on purpose because the pudge is shitty/they didnt let him mid/he doesnt care about party etc.

    Dual parties are always double edged swords

  • Stylezzzzz

    23 hours ago

    yes, typical 4k match, Smurficius

  • Gentlemen_Corn

    23 hours ago


  • KKongLUL

    23 hours ago

    Its definitely unfair and it needs some kind of balance. For example my friend and I play 4.4k party mmr average games with people who are que'd solo.My friend is 4.9k solo 4k party,Im 5.9k solo and 4.850 party.

    This was our last game. https://www.dotabuff.com/matches/3084157643

  • KoreanBBQQ

    23 hours ago

    It's a boosted/purchased account. Just checked it - around 800 games played and the oldest games are 0/24/0 bot matches. It's extremely likely that his winrate has been inflated and he's not actually almost 7k as the number suggests. In your game (https://www.dotabuff.com/matches/3084068380) his first item was a Drums at 21 minutes and he didn't even get a rapier until 50 minutes in. Sorry about your experience but there's not much we can do to prevent people from buying accounts and/or boosting them and then playing with their gf's who are mathematically 1/3 of their own MMR.

  • hollow12345


    Its actually random draft, lower skill capacity than normal ranked AP in SEA 4k so... no big deal i guess happens once in a while.

  • Zeconation


    I don't understand dota players nowadays. When they play aganist higher mmr players they always whine about it and they think they can't win aganist them.

    That's why you should delete this game.

  • hoochxo


    Not sure this is much of a problem to be honest. My main has 5.3k solo and 4.1k party. People always complain when they see my solo in game but I don't feel like I have an unfair advantage when I play party, as I don't care about my party mmr and can pick heroes that I want to practice or get better at and therefore tend to be playing around a 4.1k level. Obviously not every is like this but what you're showing here is a very rare and extreme example. Also who knows perhaps the guy he is q'd with is a 2k player solo and has been carried in his party matches by the 6k guy.

  • FlyingSteps


    Ofc its an issue and will get abused further as long as stacks are allowed in soloq.

    The only fair solution would be to match stacks with other stacks exclusively. Let them abuse the party mmr number as long as they want as long as the play vs each other.

    Wont happen thought. Fuckfaces at valve dont care about it.

  • Ron-Lim


    Why dont they just merge ranked / non ranked party queues. parties of 2-4 always risk party mmr.

  • 13ThirteenX


    There is literly no reason at all not to make an option for those who want to play vs SOLO only to not queue up with party ranked folk. If they wanna sit out wait 5-10-15 extra minutes that is there choice. But at least have the option.

  • Tabisama


    Usually it also means either one of your team has 7k player or enemy team has 2 to 3k player.
    Maybe matchmaking system couldn't find suitable guy.