Sven and Dazzle: Episode Two.One - community feedback update

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  • NonRock


    June 26, 2017 - me

    Sven and Dazzle 2.1: community feedback update

    • reduced duration of comic from 4 to 3 panels
    • combined panels 2 & 4 from previous comic
    • removed Quelling Blade from the comic due to philosophical errors with game logic
    • increased visibility of Sven hanging himself
    • exchanged color palette
    • added radiant cliff vision in first panel
    • Sven: increased movement speed
    • Dark Seer: increased Vacuum cooldown
    • added link to previous comic: HERE
    • previous version: HERE
    • added links to sources: HERE

    Edit: You gotta love having so many different people post here

  • endless_haruhi


    Axe has no axe! Axe cuts no more...

    I like this version, it's more concise and clear. I did like how Axe and Dazzle was shaded before though. I personally think the line coloring is a bit busy and noisy.

  • Shek7


    I liked both, but it is much better if you see Sven in pain and also Axe has no Axe.

    I liked the patchnotes

  • vacmaster420


    thatgasp made this a lot better lol

  • eli_chan


    i didnt got the joke last time,this is way better

    poor sven :(

  • BadRaz


    way better. keep it up! entertain us!

  • _Joshan

    23 hours ago

    Nah. Much better the first time. Dazzle seems much more humourously evil in the first one because he drops his one liner whilst Sven is dying, rather than before. Plus preferred the irony that axe can't use his own axe to cut down the tree.

    Don't crowd source your comics, you crushed it the first time! :)

  • Ia_grib


    In part 3, the tree expires just before Shallow Grave ends, Sven survives but Zeus from the enemy team ults and Sven gets reported for feeding.

  • Anaract


    This one has no subtlety, I like the first one more. It was just a little hard to understand that Sven had hanged himself. I feel like if you just replaced the first panel in the original with this one's, all would be good. The underlined "enjoy" kind of takes away the quiet, cute-evil quality that Dazzle had in the original

  • Bxsnia



  • MHpew


    I liked the old one a lot. But this one is way better actually, good job!

  • HansVader


    The second and last panel would be way funnier without the text bubbles.



    Axe u already here, stoopid

  • Skelly20

    19 hours ago

    The fact you added stress lines showing hes moving on the rope is top tier! Liked all of them so far, keep on keeping on my dude!

  • asdasdwwfgikik


    First one was better.

    Trust ur instincts, instead of these shit posters here

  • sirmisa


    Why axe is missing his "pony tail"?

  • TheLolomancer


    Gotta love those finger guns, though. I'm glad you kept them.

  • TrueTurtleKing


    I thought you were going to take the same comic from last week, and just take out the chatbox from the last panel and give it a weird smirk on dazzle's face

  • De4th_HadeS


    the thing is, why axe has no axe?

  • QueueTee314

    23 hours ago

    Dota player

    Studying engineering

    draw comics

    U asian?

  • divine_furyy

    22 hours ago

    Wanted to see how much the result would be way funnier without the text bubbles.

  • mtnlol

    22 hours ago

    This one is sooooooo much better than the last one.

  • tekkeX_

    20 hours ago


  • theFoffo

    17 hours ago

    I liked the other one better. Also please, don't rewrite your stuff based on community preferences. It will eventually make your work lose personality

  • Karibik_Mike

    17 hours ago


  • djoledjoledjolez


    If dazzle just said ''No, wait'' it would have been better

  • Parashroom


    I liked the previous version better, but this is still awesome.

  • SAjoats

    21 hours ago

    Well that was morbid.

  • Man_of_Milk

    15 hours ago

    Much obliged. I could not understand what the previous version was about

  • PigDog4

    14 hours ago

    Thank you for making the joke very explicit. My crippling autism and superiority complex prevents me from engaging in "humor," therefore your last comic was lost on me but this one, where you explicitly state the joke, is much better. I think most redditors will agree with me that any sort of subtlety detracts from the joke as it impedes people with severe autism from fully appreciating the joke.

  • HardcoreTrevor

    14 hours ago

    Keep 'em coming please!

  • givechanceplease



  • Zenistan


    This shitpost goes further than we've ever gone before, with the added patch notes. Your parents must be proud of the man you've become

  • SoilBurn


    This one is actually funny. First one wasn't.

  • R706


    Much better, good feedback you have, when it comes to short snappy 2 or 3 frame comics, never say with words what you can say with a picture, cuts out redundancy.

    if you want more critique I feel Dazzle should have a better line in second frame, you've essentially already gave half of the joke away that Dazzle wants to prolongs Sven suffering before the third frame, so I think it should be something along the lines of "No time to get an axe he'll probably be dead by then, here, I've an idea" or something along those lines preferably shorter that fits better.

  • GiGioP


    In the older comic I thought Sven had become a GIANT.

  • wingelefoot

    21 hours ago

    I got the joke this time!

  • Usurp

    23 hours ago

    I am definitely way too old to even BEGIN trying to understand why something like this would ever be upvoted or need some sort of "Feedback" update. But I digress and will step aside and let the waves of mediocrity and unoriginality slowly swallow my old codger soul. I hope you find the attention and validation you are seeking little boy or girl.