You know who you are Conrad...

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  • FancySack


    Time to sign Conrad's number up for a lot of weird shit.

  • Wildfire811


    So, Logically, if the Lyft driver had her ID he could have driven to the address on it and returned it... The person at Lyft that gave out your wife's Peronal information should be in a lot of trouble.

  • Annihilicious


    I hope you told Lyft

  • Dreadwatch


    I would have reported him.

  • hafgrimm

    22 hours ago

    Complain to Lyft ASAP. They take that shit seriously.... THEN unload on him...

  • lolwuuut


    Tell lyft! It seems like their customer service is responsive, too



    I'm going to need some pics of OP's wife before I pass judgement.

  • natephant


    I thought the app allowed you to call the passengers for just this reason?



    In all seriousness though... If they ended up getting together their grandchildren would be telling this story. It is only creepy if it doesn't work. I pursued my wife with some gusto when we first met... Hell my grandfather tracked down my grandmother after meeting her at a party and he only knew her first name and the street she lived on and proposed to her on the spot and they were married for like 60 years before he died...

  • nakanaide420


    That that is bothersome.

  • lexm


    On a plus side, your wife is so attractive that Lyft drivers would lie to get her number?

  • SlobBarker

    17 hours ago

    fuck Conrad

  • blackmist20


    On a plus side, your wife's Peronal information should be in a mailbox and it would have reported him.

  • justinsayin


    Joke's on you, she really does want the C

  • B_U_T_T

    19 hours ago

    Or it could have been someone before her who looked like her

  • deleted



  • F-22_Raptor_Kin

    17 hours ago

    Go for it dude. You might discover something fun about your wife

  • dwiggs30


    I want to make sure I understand this: you're upset because another dude made an effort to ask out your wife? Dudes hit on my wife all the time. Means you have a good looking wife, buddy. Get over it.

  • Cindernubblebutt

    21 hours ago

    You got exactly what you signed up for by choosing an industry with virtually no regulation. Reminds me of people who bitch about TSA procedures when they've agreed to the TSA's terms when they bought their ticket.

  • Xiber88


    I wouldn't of even been mad. That's some dedication!